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Cooper Quintin

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  • Fluent and extremely comfortable with Python, Ruby, Bash, Javascript (Client and Node.js) and PHP
  • Experienced advocate of software engineering best practices, E.G.: agile, test driven development, MVC, Object Orientation Patterns
  • 7 years experience with system administration tasks specifically related to LAMP stack systems.
  • Very comfortable with Linux, Apache and Mysql tuning and administration.
  • Security and Anonymity best practices
  • Penetration testing and security auditing
  • Can read Perl, C/C++ and Java
  • Nagios system monitoring
  • Frameworks: Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Backbone, Express.JS, Padrino, Django

Previous Position

Radical Designs || Technology Director / Co-Owner || 2009 – 2014

Responsible for leading a team of up to 5 other programmers, making major technology decisions for the company, designing, estimating, architecting and maintaining small and large software projects. Responsible for overseeing all software projects from start to finish and assuring that best practices are used to write quality software and assure team and customer satisfaction.

Open Source and Other Projects


Designed and built an open source collaborative online collaborative spreadsheet


Contributed to the development of REvent, an open source tool to facilitate distributed national days of action for organizers. Written in Ruby and Javascript.


Co-Organizer of hackmeet. The goal of hackmeet is to bring together activists and techies/hackers to facilitate a discussion about the intersection of activism and technology. Additionally hackmeet organizes regular security trainings around the bay area.


Your Cell Phone is Covered In Spiders: Pragmatic Mobile Security

HOPE Number Nine, New York, NY, 2012

Test Driven Development For Beginners,

Dev Summit, Oakland CA, 2012

Encrypt All The Things! A Primer on Full Disk Encryption

Cryptoparty, Oakland CA, 2012


Hackmeet 2012, San Francisco, CA


  • Information Security Coalliton – 2013 Technology Grants Round 2 Winner
  • Stripe Capture the Flag: Web Edition – Winner

Contract Work

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Building a chrome plugin to block advertisers from tracking your browsing on third party websites.

Adbusters Magazine

Debugging and feature implementation for the Adbusters website running on a LAMP stack. PHP programming and lite system administration on CentOS 5. Implemented version control using GIT and implemented 3 tier system for development, testing and production environments. Custom module development.


Debugged and added features to Greenpeace’s custom CRM software

Wrote custom software and maintained existing software using Ruby On Rails, PHP and the Facebook API Maintained Security and Usability on 5 servers for all employees of the company. Implemented version control with subversion and Capistrano. Set up Nagios monitoring. Optimized existing database queries.

Set up MySQL cluster and Nagios system on an 8 node network for a VOIP services company. Performed general maintenance on the servers as well as Bash scripting and security auditing. Also, wrote custom plugins for Nagios.

Past Positions

Host For Web || Level 3 Tech Support || 2006-2007

Front line tech support of over 100 Linux servers serving over 3000 clients. Duties included: technical support, fixing servers, writing scripts to solve problems, configuring servers and auditing system security.

Phoenix IT || Tech Support || 2005-2006

In-home, tech support for windows users. Removing viruses, spyware. Installing software, hardware. Fine tuning computers to run faster. Education of users on computer security and maintainance techniques and methods.


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